In A Nutshell:

Experienced with performance measurement metrics, scorecards, executive dashboards, benchmarking, BI reporting and databases.

Worked in health care, banking, equipment leasing, insurance, car rental, food, mortgage, financial services, construction chemicals, state department of housing finance, wealth management and trust services, management consulting and benefits administration areas as business/financial analyst, system information and data analyst/developer capacities as a consultant, independent contractor and full-time employee.

Academic training in quantitative analysis techniques on financial, economic and operational data series and marketing research.

Highly creative with MS Access and Excel for in-depth and comprehensive data solutions at expert level to deliver BI solutions. Experieinced with various BI tools.

Productive with VBA code to enhance and leverage the functionality of Microsoft Office suite tools based productivity and database connectivity suite tools.

Strong skills with SQL scripting, reading and modifying the existing complex queries and running against large databases for complex data centric projects.

Comfortable in agile environment working as liaison between business stake holders and development teams, attending daily scrum sessions, conducting meetings for data analysis, profiling and source to target mapping.

Experienced in data quality, migration and data governance conformity initiatives working with very large data sets.

Career Direction:

· Looking for challenges and opportunities to evolve my overall professional capacity into a level where I can be fully instrumental to deliver a full suite of business intelligence solutions at a data driven organization.

· Working with abstract data structures of key business processes and having an oversight on process flows that identify and utilize key strategic drivers to facilitate informed executive decisions.

· Contribute to the senior leadership team informed decision making process via delivering core metrics and analytics in a timely and accurate manner.


Value Add Deliverables:

· Producing actionable information substantiated with a sound data analysis and presenting it in a timely, accurate and a user friendly manner.

· Creating and implementing Microsoft Office based solutions for end users who consume reports.

· Ensuring data integrity of reporting resources and automating manual data processes to contribute to efficiency and productivity gains.

· Serving the mission critical business decision making processes with an in depth and well rounded data and process analysis.

· Understanding the complex relationships among the key business drivers and entities and reflect them in data models to support trusted and actionable reports.

·Building reporting data structures to track transactional, financial and operational activities.

· Compilation of related data sets to capture and model trends and patterns.

· Incorporating statistical procedures to build predictive models to understand ramifications of activities on performance.